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The Nights in Zong Shi Leng Pass Better Alone - "Toca de Jerboa"

A concept based on a history of my dear friend Alice Barcelos.

Here's a little brief:
To the east of the Great Rock of Gobi, in an almost completely forgotten area of ​​the desert, was the village of Zong Shi Leng. There were not many permanent residents there, many were just traveling merchants looking for some water and shelter before continuing the journey; but what stood out most in Zong Shi Leng were the children. It was said that there were more children in the small village than in all other desert towns together. They were always in pack, running through the narrow streets and shouting conversations that were lost amidst the shouting conversations of another side, mostly without parents and without memory of where they came from

All the children lived in a precarious and abandoned construction, relatively close to the market. Everyone called the building of "Toca de Jerboa", then I illustrated it.